Sunday, 18 June 2017

Wheels Within Wheels

SO, NOW YOU HAVE DISCOVERED that everything is entirely predictable; a location's weather; its inhabitants' mood - right down to an individual's fate as a direct result of their actions. Moreover, as many of you have said: 'this actually comes as no news at all.' Indeed, the only news here is our ancestors' ancient science and their knowledge of Creation's mechanisms, which underlay the method.

Use the knowledge wisely. Exercise your will carefully. Recognise others for the Creatures that they are, and know that their actions are neither good nor evil. They are simply expressing the nature of the Creature that their mother chose to raise - so that they might learn from their father.

Be aware of the Seasons when interpreting the Wheel, and rigorously apply your logic.

What goes around, comes around; and for every purpose, there is a Season.

Please share what you have learned with those you love - and please have them buy a copy...

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