Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Blood and the Holy Grail - addressing the science

QUITE A NUMBER of you have asked if I intend writing another book to address the science contained in Blood and the Holy Grail in more detail - to which the answer is: no; I would just be repeating myself.

The astrologists have completely corrupted the ancient knowledge by introducing further planets and diluting its teachings by constructing further 'rules' that they have fabricated from their obsession with mathematics; and the cartominists have mesmerised themselves (like the statisticians) into believing that everything can be revealed by simply examining a random sample - selected by shuffling a deck.

Just like the AGW brigade, both 'churches' inhabit a bubble of fantasy, which they seek to promote to others as a means of stealing their wealth.

There is no need for a lengthy text-book. Once you understand the relationship between the three elements; recognise that their energy derives from the sun, and that the planets all influence the earth in the same way that the moon affects our tides (drawing their elementary sexual component from one side to the other and strengthening the House it is present in, while weakening its counterpart) you have all the information you need to interpret the charts and conduct your own predictions. Just remember each House bestows its gifts upon those conceived under it; that each chart is just a snapshot of a particular moment in time; and that the sun is the necessary conductor. (The pentacle predicts the future standstills of Venus; but they each occur at a specific moment in time, in a specific house, where the sun will also be located).

You don't need intuition - you just need to apply your logic.

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