Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Blood and the Holy Grail - addressing the science

QUITE A NUMBER of you have asked if I intend writing another book to address the science contained in Blood and the Holy Grail in more detail - to which the answer is: no; I would just be repeating myself.

The astrologists have completely corrupted the ancient knowledge by introducing further planets and diluting its teachings by constructing further 'rules' that they have fabricated from their obsession with mathematics; and the cartominists have mesmerised themselves (like the statisticians) into believing that everything can be revealed by simply examining a random sample - selected by shuffling a deck.

Just like the AGW brigade, both 'churches' inhabit a bubble of fantasy, which they seek to promote to others as a means of stealing their wealth.

There is no need for a lengthy text-book. Once you understand the relationship between the three elements; recognise that their energy derives from the sun, and that the planets all influence the earth in the same way that the moon affects our tides (drawing their elementary sexual component from one side to the other and strengthening the House it is present in, while weakening its counterpart) you have all the information you need to interpret the charts and conduct your own predictions. Just remember each House bestows its gifts upon those conceived under it; that each chart is just a snapshot of a particular moment in time; and that the sun is the necessary conductor. (The pentacle predicts the future standstills of Venus; but they each occur at a specific moment in time, in a specific house, where the sun will also be located).

You don't need intuition - you just need to apply your logic.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Delphic Oracle

IT SEEMS A NUMBER of Blood and the Holy Grail readers have been spooked by this - but you shouldn't be. The Number Cards are derived from the Wheel; but, in isolation, their images can be interpreted in any way you wish. The point is that their circular sequence, which you can define as beginning anywhere, describes a discrete sequence of different outcomes, arranged in Creation's Order - which is the order in which they will occur.

If you have every employed statistical probability analysis to determine, numerically, what a likely outcome will be: you will note that the result depends upon the individual probabilities that you assign to each possible outcome. In other words, if the probabilities are wrong (and there is no way of determining if they are right) the result you calculate is no more likely than you having chosen the correct probabilities. No matter how you dress it up, no matter how you 'fine-tune' your probabilities from historical observations, for any number of finite possible outcomes over two: you are always more likely to be wrong in your mathematical predictions (particularly if you fail to include another possible outcome).

Probability analysis is just a means of giving weight to a hypothesis that has no basis in fact. Its proponents seek to convince us that they are right - by choosing what probabilities they assign to their mathematical formulae (and never declaring what those probabilities are).

The Delphic Oracle, on the other hand, is constructed in such a way as to make each outcome equally likely; and arrange the result of each individual outcome's success or failure in opposition to each other - so that the whole problem might be 'weighed.' Employing it forces you to analyse the problem you are trying to resolve, and ensures you do not omit possibilities.

The key lies in 'personalising' the number cards - in the same way that our ancestors assigned each god a character as a means of explaining the forces they represented. You won't get anywhere by treating them as real entities, and calling upon them to give you their power (unless you wish to be institutionalised) - just treat them in the same way as you did your childhood dolls and toy soldiers, assigning them a specific personality as a means of understanding how they react to each other.

Assign those personalities logically; use your right-brain to assign the most appropriate antonyms in the circumstances - and your left-brain to ensure it all fits. Imagine the problem as being located in the centre, with all the possible outcomes surrounding it.

If you wish, you can then transpose those personalised labels to the Wheel and examine your problem in relation to Creation's current 'mood;' and determine, by means of rotating the Wheel's rim and its pentacle, how it will naturally resolve.

There's no 'magic' here; in fact, the whole process is entirely logical if you subscribe to the 'wheels within wheels,' or 'as above so below' philosophies.

And, yes. So far, all the feedback from my readers is that it definitely works (and that's probably because it forces you to use both sides of your brain equally)..

Monday, 8 May 2017

Blood and the Holy Grail

INTERESTING ISN'T IT? Especially the four 'seals' (or pillars) revealed in Chapter 34.

The caduceus, symbolic of Hermes and healing, consists of two intertwined serpents, upon a winged staff - denoting the Wheel's male components that correspond to Autumn and Spring. (Just bear that in mind for a moment).

As many of you have pointed-out, the arrangements bear a remarkable similarity to the structure of DNA, and may hold the key to how the original blood group O mutated. It may also explain why many modern medicines are ineffective for certain individuals - and downright dangerous for others.

I didn't address the medicinal aspects in my book, for want of time and space; but those of you wishing to pursue that angle further should first direct your attention to the Sepher Yetzirah in which the planets and their houses are also described in terms of bodily functions and organs.

I confess, I cannot make any sense of the 32 paths described in the appendix (which may have been added much later) and you need to discard the religious overtones - but the Supplement to Chapter 5 is revealing. It seemingly holds the key to why the globalists have opened our nations' borders to Libra and have Islam force the mutation they desire. (The house corresponds to the gall and is predominent in sexual desire - just like the Mordred character).

This is an excellent translation by Westcott.

Please stop asking me if I 'actually believe it.' That's not the point.

The point is that they do - and they are purposely employing its teachings.

This is important stuff - and not just a bloody good read for the beach this summer.

Teach yourself and your children to pay attention to the eye movements and body language of others. Beware of those targeting your emotional brain when they engage you in conversation - and don't trust anyone without good reason.

You don't have to be paronoid - make it a game with your children (and watch the little perishers attempt to control those reflex actions to deceive you). You'll learn a lot - particularly when, sometimes, they are successful.

Accomplished liars are trained to conceal their body language behind a lecturn or other obstacle; and it is possible to control your eye-movements and body language, using practise and willpower, to impart an outrageous lie - but it is only possible for short periods of time. Any longer and the deception becomes exhausting - leading to rapid eye-movements, marked irritability and the perceived need to flee. Females (and here I employ the term loosely) 'burst' into tears and resort to an emotional attack upon the 'unbeliever.'

Always be safe - never sorry...

Oh, and the answer to that question I posed on Twitter? 'Whose side is the Devil on?' Well, it's the same answer for any Queen: she is only concerned with the survival of her House - so it may enjoy a new season.

Explains a lot, doesn't it?..